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Real Money Online Gambling Regulations in Nevada in 2013

For many gamblers Nevada is the unchallengeable future of real money online gambling. Nevada is the first US state to enact laws regulating online gambling operators. With the concept of online gambling being relatively new to the gaming community, casino fans in Nevada, just like in other states, have so many questions about rooms for playing poker online. When you want to gamble in Nevada, it is always advisable that you to do that in online casinos which have corresponding certificates. These refer to casinos that not only offer great promotions but also provide a secure, stable gambling environment. Everything else depends on you and your skill and strategy. Read more useful tips to become successful player here.

Becoming Legal

2013 become a year of changes for the USA, as the first attempts to make online gambling totally legal have been made. In fact, Nevada boasts of having online poker as its state sport and everyone from the small child up to the governor knows about this game everything. Some of the world most famous and biggest online poker rooms and poker tournaments call the state of Nevada home. With all these changes it has become possible to play online poker for money in US tournaments with Bovada. 2013 has seen major developments on regulation of online real money gambling in Nevada. According to insider stories, Caesars Interactive Entertainment (this is the regulation division in charge of online gambling)is in the process of launching their new real money poker room. 2013 is also a year that has also witnessed big names in the world of online gambling sign endorsement deals for real money gambling with license holders in Nevada.

In 2013, Nevada online gambling legislative front has also experienced some shakeups. As states such as New Jersey were signing their real money online poker bills into law, Nevada on the other hand was busy updating its own gambling regulations. With the new updates, the law now allows interstate compacts and license fees have also been increased considerably. Still, on the same note, the 2013 regulations have also restricted one of the most popular online poker sites – Poker Stars – from getting or applying for a gambling license. The prerequisites that were previously provided by the federal real money gambling law have consequently been removed as well.

What to Expect

Being the world capital for gambling, you can expect a lot more regulation advancements to come in 2013 and the following years in Nevada. The state has been very vocal in taking many necessary regulatory steps aimed at building strong regulations on gambling which still won’t affect the whole process of online gambling greatly. 2013 is also a year in which many gambling licenses have been issued as well but everything can simply be said to be in limbo. Everyone in Nevada is keenly waiting for the federal online gambling regulatory efforts to bring more sense into the industry.

While every gambler in Nevada, including the most famous poker players, would definitely cast his vote for federal regulation which allow online gambling, everyone expects that the state is going to move more aggressively and determinately in 2013 to make the online gambling more secure that it have ever been before. Now we are going to wait when online gambling becomes legal in all states, and countries all over the world.

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