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Winning Poker Probabilities

Similar to other games like casino slots, online roulette and another type of online slots or games played at poker rooms las vegas - video poker, to get advantage in your favor in online poker games and increase winning poker probabilities you are recommended to use odds table. Such blackjack answers are also easy to find. To use this chart correctly you should know the quantity of outs you have. The outs are those cards in deck that you may obtain and better with their help your poker hand. For example, you have Ace and King, it means that the other three Aces and three Kings may be still in the deck and when dealt they will create very good hand. The number of outs in such gaming situation is six. That is why if you know the number of outs referring to the odds chart you can determine your poker probabilities to hit an out at the particular point of the poker game. Such information will surely help you in taking the right betting decisions. The most essential rule dictates that you must raise or bet amount equal or less to your odds, and never bigger than this amount.

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1 2.13% 2.17% 4.26%
2 4.26% 4.35% 8.42%
3 6.38% 6.25% 12.49%
4 8.51% 8.70% 16.47%
5 10.64% 10.87% 20.35%
6 12.77% 13.04% 24.14%
7 14.89% 15.22% 27.84%
8 17.02% 17.39% 31.45%
9 19.15% 19.57% 34.97%
10 21.28% 21.74% 38.39%
11 23.40% 23.91% 41.72%
12 25.53% 26.09% 44.96%
13 27.66% 28.26% 48.10%
14 29.79% 30.43% 51.16%
15 31.91% 32.61% 54.12%
16 34.04% 34.78% 56.98%
17 36.17% 36.96% 59.76%
18 38.30% 39.13% 62.44%
19 40.43% 41.30% 65.03%
20 42.55% 43.48% 67.53%
21 44.68% 45.65% 69.94%
22 46.81% 47.83% 72.25%

Successful player must think of his/her opponents and their cards, and not only about own cards. The poker odds table permits not to make complicated calculations however just recollect them and use in judgments. Just don’t forget to consider what the other poker player can hold and what your odds are. You may be very successful at poker games if learn more about winning systems and practice regularly. | Site map  | About Us/Contact  | Security and Privacy
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