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Is It Better to Be Good Or Lucky In Poker?

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Most professional poker players will tell you time and time again, that they would much rather be lucky at poker, than good at poker no matter if they play online or at poker rooms las vegas.  If you have ever played a game of poker, then you might feel exactly the same way as they do.  Most people will concur that poker is about fifty percent skill, and fifty percent luck.  Sometimes you will feel like you are on top of the world in poker, and sometimes the cards just do not come out in your favor.  There are a lot of things that poker professionals do to bring themselves luck.  Some of them work, and sometimes they can even make things seem worse.  You have to find what works for you. If you are looking for the same blackjack answers, look up at gambling guides and try out some poker online.

Poker superstition

Some of the professional poker players have special trinkets that they think bring them luck.  Some of the most popular good luck charms include; rabbits feet, hats, shirts, and pictures.  In most of the World Poker Tour championships you will find many players that have these charms with them.  Some will show them publically, and others will keep them hidden from their opponents.  Aside from the charms, people also may do specific things that they think are going to bring them good luck.  They might include things like: not cutting their hair (one player did not get his hair cut for ten years), Not changing their socks during a tournament, and wearing a hat different ways.  If a player likes another player’s signature lucky charm, they might buy it from them.  Some of the players even reproduce their charms for sale.  Fans tend to want to buy them as souvenirs.

The thing about good luck charms is they are more fiction then fact.  Even if you have the best good luck charm at your side, you can still lose the poker game.  The question that is always on my mind is” Why do they still bring the items with them if they do not work?”  I finally got the answer to that particular question.  It is because they give them a feeling that they might make them lucky today.  The items may not actually be responsible for their luck, but they sure do make them feel more confident.  The charms give the players some peace while they are surrounded by the game of poker.  Positive play makes you a better poker player in general.  It does not really make a difference how you get the job done, just that you do. | Site map  | About Us/Contact  | Security and Privacy
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