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Use The Strategy Table In Poker

Strategy is very important in poker games regardless whether you play online or at poker rooms las vegas.  Players will rely on their strategy to help them be winners.  Even blackjack players before the game try to find some blackjack answers. For new players that are just getting started familiarizing themselves with the game, they need a strategy table to help them figure out the hands that they are being dealt.  Knowing the worth of the hands, and how to respond is a critical part of poker.  Mind you, it is just a rough guide, and there are no certain guarantees that you are going to be successful. Thats why no matter what game you play. Even if you like playing at you must know that playing for real money makes the game very different and playing for free is only a guide to help you.  The guide is still your best shot to win.  The core of any great poker player starts at the beginning strategy.  There are two types of strategy tables that are available to new players.  Study the tables, and let them help guide you to a win.


The full ring

The first strategy table is referred to as the full ring.  This chart applies to poker tables that consist of ten players or more.  There are three different strategies that will apply.  The first is used for the early play at a poker table.  If you are early in the game, and you are dealt certain hands you need to rise up the pot.  Those hands include: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and AK.  In a ten player table, you will have at least one player at the table that is starting with one of these hands.  They are known as premium hands.  Mid way through the game the strategy is going to change relating to the hands.  There are only three hands that you are going to want to raise with at this stage of the poker game.  They are AQ, ten’s, and AK.  Play in the middle of a game is usually tight, and very controlled.  By this point in the game the chip leaders are already established, and the underdogs are just trying to stay alive.  By late in the poker match all of the weak players are eliminated, and the play starts to loosen up again.   Now there are four hands that become wildly popular to raise the pot up with.  They are AJ, KQ, AQ, and 99.  Remember that late in the game there are fewer players, and the chance of coming head to head with one of these hands is a lot less frequent.


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Short handed table

 Now that you are familiar with the full ring table, it is time to go over the short handed table.  Just like the full ring table chart there are three points in the poker game that the hands change.  The biggest difference in the two charts is, that theirs more hands to raise on the short handed table chart.  Early in the game you should be hoping that you are dealt a starting hand like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, and AQ.  The chart says that these are the best starting hands for this stage of the game.  In the middle of the game AQ, AJ, KQ, ten ten, and 99, are the hands that you are going to want to see.  To end your game on a high note you are going to need for the dealer to give you starting hands like, ace and ten, ace and jack, king and jack, or 88.


Using the table correctly is very important.  The position that you are in, will set you up for a great hand.  The better your position at the table is, the more hands that you should play.  Remember, when you are dealt your weapon cards, you have to be ready to act.  Do not sit tight on a great hand; only choose to lay low with poor cards. | Site map  | About Us/Contact  | Security and Privacy
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