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Game Process of Texas Hold’em

Texas hold’em is a gambling game that is a variation on poker. The players play for a pot or prize money made up of contributions they have made. The cards in the game are dealt randomly, and the basis of the game is that each wants to poses the prize money or pot. At any one time, the pot is controlled by one player in the group either due to the hand he/she is holding or on their predictions of another player’s hand.

Generally the hand ends with one of the players winning the pot because they have an exceptional hand, and the rest of the players are forced to fold or give up, leaving him/her the winner. There are also possibilities of a tie where a high score is held by more than one player.

Why play Texas hold’em

To master the skill of Playing Texas hold ‘Em it requires concentration because victory depends on how good you are at reading your opponents and calling their bluff. Many players are good at bluffing which is pretending they have a solid hand when they don’t. A good player can tell apart the real solid hand holder from the fake.

Basic tenets of playing Texas Hold ‘Em

  • The two cards at hand are the determinant of one’s position in the game at any one time. Be patient until you get a good hand.
  • Keep you interpretation of your cards to yourself by controlling your facial reactions. Whether it’s bad or good, your face must be neutral
  • As the song goes, “know when to hold and when to fold”. It’s always advisable to cut your losses the minute you see the flop.

The process of playing Texas Hold’em

  • The game starts where the players are dealt with two cards each. These cards are referred to as the starting hand cards.
  • The player looks at his / her starting hand cards and determines whether it is a good hand or not. Players that find their cards to their liking call the blind. Players that find their cards are not safe for them - muck. To muck is to fold or throw away your hand in a game. These cards are kept in a pile known as the muck pile. When you muck any money you have contributed is lost.
  • The act of continuing with the hand you have been dealt with is known as calling or making a raise. A call means matching the amount bet in order to get an opportunity to see the next card. A raise means upping the stakes thereby forcing the person with the original bet to match or surpass your raise if they want to keep at the game. You can also match their bet if you choose. Most casinos have a limit on bets and raises on games with many players. However ones it’s a faceoff between two players they are allowed unlimited bets and raises until the game is concluded.
  • Normally betting and raising while getting other cards continues till the game gets to the point known as the river. This is where the players are at their last card, and they place them on the table face down where they are read by the dealer, and the winner is given the pot. The cards are then reshuffled, and the game starts again.

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