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Online Poker Tells

One of the advantages of playing live poker or casino, over its online cousin with the likes of Unibet bonus, is the ability to add physical tells to your armoury. It’s certainly true that you can’t see your opponent when playing online, but this doesn’t mean that tells don’t exist.

To help you improve your online reading ability, here are some of the most common forms of tells.

#1 Making Quick Decisions

If you play extremely fast then it is going to give off the impression that you don’t have much to think about, and your opponents are probably right. Former EPT Champion Mike McDonald was given the nickname ‘Timex’ because he made sure he took exactly the same time between every decision. He is currently one of the world’s greatest tournament players. You’ll do no harm to follow suit.

#2 Checking Very Quickly

Another tell presents itself when you check very quickly. This is particularly true when you are playing out of position as it demonstrates that you have a weak hand, and you want to get to showdown as quickly as possible. Once again, take the Timex school of thought and space out your check-timing frequency.

#3 Exploding in the Chat Box

If you are the type of person who likes to vent your frustration in the chat box then don’t. Think about it. What state of mind do you think your opponent thinks you are in if you are shouting in the chat box? It’s no different to seeing a person physically tilting in the live setting. It allows you to be pushed into making a rash decision against a very clever opponent. Leave the chat alone when you feel like your skull is on fire.

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